About Us – My Beer Buddy Inc.

Who would not like to be up-to-date with the local happy hours?

We are here just to do that. My Beer Buddy Inc. provides people a convenient and effective mobile application that leads you to the best happy hour deals and offers in town.

With focused information, our user-friendly and interactive platform is ready to help you out in your quest for the best happy hours around you.

The prime aim of this application is to bring together consumers and businesses to find prospects of mutual interest.

What We Offer

My Beer Buddy Inc. enables bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and other entertainment and dining businesses to showcase their drinks, foods, and other special offers to a larger audience and potential clientele.

The concept behind the application involves connecting the local businesses with potential customers looking to have fun and enjoyment with friends and families.

We provide business owners a platform to promote their services and products and grow their customer base in an affordable way.

How It Works

Anyone looking to have some fun, food, and drinks can search through applications like Google Maps to find the available bars and restaurants near their location.

However, offering limited information, such apps do not provide any details about the special offers, promotional options, menus, and drink lists they provide. To find that out, you need to visit, call or check out their website (if it is updated!).

My Beer Buddy is here to save you from all this hassle. Not only will our app show you the list of the available places, but also highlight their specials and save you time and money.

Easy to navigate and fast search options help you find your favorite drink and food in no time. Just punch your location and requirements and the search results will allow you to explore your options with a map and information filters.

It is ideally suitable for businesses who want to enhance their outreach and promote their offers to a larger target market.

Our Team

At My Beer Buddy Inc. we have brought together a team of highly qualified and professionally experienced tech experts, software designers, and developers.

Using their extensive knowledge and professional expertise we have designed an app that is based on customer needs and requirements.

Providing the latest tech features, a highly responsive and efficient program, and an effective way of fulfilling your search requirements, our experts ensure to keep the app updated and glitch-free.

Why Choose My Beer Buddy Inc.

  • Interactive and Updated – Our app helps create a connection between local businesses and potential clients
  • Fast and Efficient – We save you time looking for the best happy hour deals and offers.
  • Cost-Effective – Businesses and consumers save money by opting for our platform.
  • Convenient – Use our filters and search for the most suitable deals you are looking for.
  • User-Friendly and Innovative Interface – Anyone can easily use our app and enjoy its features
  • Excellent Customer Support – Our team of experts is always ready to help you out.